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Under the MHADA Act, 1976 the Authority is constituted of a President, a Vice President and five non-official Members all appointed by the State Government. The Secretary to Government in the Housing Department and the Urban Development Department are Ex-officio Members of the Authority. MHADA has at present part time President and full time Vice President who is also the Chief Executive Officer. The Authority is required to meet at least once in two months. The seven Regional Housing Boards and special purpose boards (MBRRB & MSIB) are also constituted by the estate government by appointing a part time Chairman, a Vice Chairman and other non official members. The Divisional Commissioner, the Municipal Commissioners except for Mumbai and Deputy Director of Town Planning are also ex-offico members of the Housing Boards.

In order to discharge the duties assigned to various sections and maintain smooth functioning of the Department, Chief Vigilance & Security Officer, Chief Engineer (I)/(II); Secretary, Finance Controller, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Legal Adviser and Chief Architect and Planner are assisting to Chief Executive Officer & Vice President, MHADA in his day to day work,  as per the approved staffing pattern of officers and other employees under various categories appointed under administrative control of above said senior officers.

The work assigned to the officers is as under:
  • Sr. No.
    Name of Department
    Head of Department
  • 1.
  • 2.
    Technical Section
    Chief Engineer-I, II & III
  • 3.
    Estate Management
    Deputy Chief Executive Officer.
  • 4.
    Finance & Account Section
    Finance Controller
  • 5.
    Legal  Section
    Legal Adviser
  • 6.
    Vigilance & Enquiry Section
    Chief Vigilance & Security Officer
  • 7.
    Chief Architect and Planner
  • 8.
    Regional Boards (Units of MHADA)
    Chief Officers
  • 9.
    Public Relation Dept.
    Chief Public Relations Officer

Board consists of Chairman, Part-time (one post), Vice Chairman full time/part time (one post). The Vice-Chairman of the Board is functioning as a Chief Officer of the Board. State Government appoints members of the Boards by issuing Govt. notification. In case the Vice-Chairman (Part time) is not appointed by State Govt., then the Chief Officer of the Board is separately appointed.
The Regional Boards have no separate corporate status. They are the “Executive Arms” of the Authority. The Chief Officers of the Regional Boards function under control of Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the Authority. They are assisted by a sufficient numbers of technical and non-technical staff.


Secretary wing is headed by, Secretary in the capacity of additional collector on deputation from revenue department. Secretary authority is assisted by Administrative Officer, one superintendent and other supportive staff. this wing is looking after the Secretarial function in relation to the Authority; coordination supervision and control of establishment matters of all nine regional boards scattered all over Maharashtra coordination with other wings of authority, Government Department and other Government agencies. Public Relation Officer also function under Secretary MHADA.

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